We believe in the power of images to convey profound ideas and meaningful stories. The name of the company stems from the core concepts in Rumi’s and J. Krishnamurti’s teaching. Particularly on the principle that through “seeing that which is Eternal” does human activity acquire harmony, that without “seeing that which is Eternal” chaos prevails.

Eternals Pictures was started by Sohrab Kavir, a filmmaker who wanted to create a documentary film to honor the memory of his 3 brothers who died of Duchene Muscular dystrophy. He originally set out to raise awareness on the medical condition and to prevent future generations from experiencing the same suffering, but after witnessing the influence his film had on the audience he came to realise people’s capacity for good and decided to start an entire campaign dedicated to helping DMD sufferers. This eventually brought him to the idea of ‘Eternal Pictures’ a film organisation made up of a collaboration of filmmakers and practitioners who focus on films and media content to promote harmony and humanitarian causes.

Sohrab Kavir – Director Film Director & Producer specialising in documentary, fiction and commercial productions. Former Mike Leigh’s student in Film Making from London Film School.

Michael Houldey – Executive Producer Michael is an experienced Television series producer, director and producer whose credits include prime time documentary series and single documentary, drama, music and arts films.

Parand Pourmoussavian – Content Manager Specialises in content management and online activities as well as editing.

Richard Kwietniowski – Head of Film Works Director and writer. Awards include prizes from Cannes Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, New York Film Critics Circle, US National Board of Review, and BAFTA.

Hayedeh Safiyari – Head of Editing Is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. She is best known for the Oscar-winning A Separation and The Salesman.

Robyn Pete – Head of Screenwriting Has written many aware winning feature films, documentaries and commercials.

Bijan Sepehr – Head of Marketing and Communications Bijan Sepehr - Marketing Management Has a wealth of experience in marketing and communications.

Abbas Faiz – Director of Communications Specialises in PR & Human Rights Development, Marketing campaigns; Over 30 years of experience in supporting human rights at Amnesty International.

Mo Hosseini – Head of Branding Specialises in brand development and Brand management and Marketing

Ali Ebrahimi – Head of Web-design and Post Production

David Harris – Head of Sound Expertise in music, composer, sound designer and sound recordist.

Justin Spray – Writer/ Director Director and writer. Known for A Deep Breath (2014), Kingfish (2015) and Blue Hollywood (2017)

Eternal is backed by hundreds of supporters who actively provide us with resources to do what we’re best at. Many of our supporters have been gained through our humanitarian work in the past and continue to support us to this day in whatever project we decide to take on no matter what the challenges.

In addition to a number of commercials and short films, eternal pictures have created a feature documentary called Game On. We received an incredible amount of positive feedback from the film which went on to spawn the Duchene Campaign who’s aim is to raise awareness on this life-changing disease. After much effort and work Eternal Pictures can proudly say that they are now partnered with Duchene UK thanks to their campaign. Other charities that Eternal Pictures is in collaboration with include:

- Dystrophy NGO

- Magic of Persia

- Muscle Help

- ICC Charity

- The Cornelius Art Foundation

Eternal Pictures is an innovative and newly established media organisation in the heart of Soho in London where we host a specialist team of award-winning directors, editors, and other media and marketing experts. We combine technical expertise with ethical values to offer online and other media services designed to enhance outreach campaigns, attract new audiences and generate local, regional and global partnership.